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Commercial areas

The commercial ring in the Menora Mivtachim Arena covers a total area of approximately 2,500 square meters and hosts some of Israel’s leading chains such as Superpharm, McDonalds, Aroma, Lametayel, Delta, Zebra and Pizza Hut, as well as unique stores, such as the store for the Maccabi Tel-Aviv basketball club’s merchandise, the cheapest book fair store in the center of the country and more. The visitors to the shops enjoy convenient parking arrangements.
  • שטחי מסחר | delta
  • שטחי מסחר | pizza hut
  • שטחי מסחר | למטייל
  • שטחי מסחר | mcDonald's
  • שטחי מסחר | חנות מוצרים
  • שטחי מסחר | Zebra
  • שטחי מסחר | סופר פארם
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