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AboutThe Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Ltd.

The Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Ltd., Company is a municipal company wholly owned by the Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality. The Company specializes in the management, operation, development and establishment of sports and cultural facilities. The Company’s operations currently take place in three key locations: the Menora Mivtachim Arena in the Yad- Eliyahu neighborhood, the Shlomo Group Arena in the North of Tel Aviv, and the Bloomfield Stadium in Yafo. Some of the largest sporting and cultural events in Israel take place in the Company’s facilities, attended by hundreds of thousands of sports fans and supporters of the arts. The Company’s facilities are in compliance with international standards and with the standards of the world’s leading sports arenas.

אודות חברת היכלי הספורט תל אביב – יפו
 חרת היכלי הספורט תל-אביב יפו בע''מ


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