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Menora Mivtachim arena

Tel Aviv Yafo

The Menora Mivtachim Arena located in the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood of Tel-Aviv is the largest covered arena of its kind in the central region of the country. Inspired by a modern financial vision, the arena was built as a multi-purpose arena surrounded by a commercial ring. The arena continuously hosts some of the biggest and best sporting and cultural events, both local and international. The arena offers visitors a complete sports and culture experience, alongside a large variety of recreation and entertainment activities in the vicinity. The arena is conveniently and quickly accessible by both private vehicles and public transportation.

The arena hosts various events such as music festivals and children’s events, pop and rock concerts and dance performances. The seating arrangements in the arena provide viewers with maximum viewing comfort. The arena provides quality acoustics and the entry control system allows for easy access for a large audience of visitors at the same time. The arena has viewing boxes that are suitable for private hosting of invitees and guests during performances and business events.

Over the years the arena has also served as the home court for the Maccabi Tel-Aviv Club and the Israeli national basketball team, and is considered to be one of the most modern basketball courts in Europe.

היכל מנורה מבטחים תל אביב יפו
Facts & Figures

10,383 seats

שטח בנוי 23,460 מ״ר | היכל מנורה מבטחים אולם המקורה הגדול מסוגו באזור המרכז | היכל מנורה מבטחים

23,460 square meters

12 gates


Menora Mivtachim arena, 51 Yigal Alon St. Te l Aviv Yafo

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