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Before the establishment of the State of Israel, the stadium served as the home stadium for the “Shabab al-Arav” club, which later became the Bnei Nazareth club, which eventually left the field. During the 1950’s the stadium underwent massive renovations and 3,000 seats on wooden stands were erected in it. The stadium’s original name was “Basa” (swamp in Arabic), and it was named for the swamp-filled neighborhood in which it was built. In the Fifties, the “Hapoel” club began to play in the “Basa” field. In the late 1950’s the stadium was renamed to Bloomfield stadium, in honor of the donation of 10 million liras by the Bernard Bloomfield foundation to the football association for the rebuilding of the stadium.



The stadium was inaugurated in October of 1962 in a game between Hapoel Tel-Aviv and Shimshon Tel-Aviv. The funding for the establishment of the new stadium was obtained with the help of the Bloomfield Brothers Fund (named for Louis and Bernard Bloomfield), and in their honor it was named the “Hapoel Stadium in the name of the Brothers Bloomfield.”


Macabbi Tel-Aviv club began hosting its games in the Bloomfield stadium permanently.



During the years 1999-2000, the stadium’s lease from the 'Histadrut Labor Union' came to an end, and the ownership and management of the stadium was transferred to the Tel-Aviv- Yafo Municipality who managed the stadium through the Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Company. When the company took over the management of the stadium, the Company, through various investment grants from the TOTO and together with the Tel-Aviv- Yafo Municipality, invested in renovating and upgrading the stadium to be safer and in compliance with international standards and to improve the audience’s viewing experience.


Bnei-Yehuda Tel-Aviv club made the Bloomfield Stadium their home field.



The first performance in the stadium by the singer Phil Collins on November 7.


On September 29, the stadium hosted for the first time a Champions League game, where Hapoel Tel Aviv lost 3-1 to Lyon (France). Further Hapoel Tel Aviv won at her first game in the Champions League, 3-0 against Benfica (Lisbon).



On June 2013, the stadium hosted the European Championship up to the age of 21 (the U21) – by far the most significant event in the stadium’s history.

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