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AboutThe Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Ltd.

The Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Ltd., Company is a municipal company wholly owned by the Tel-Aviv-Yafo Municipality. The Company specializes in the management, operation, development and establishment of sports and cultural facilities. The Company’s operations currently take place in three key locations: the Menora Mivtachim Arena in the Yad- Eliyahu neighborhood, the Shlomo Group Arena in the North of Tel Aviv, and the Bloomfield Stadium in Yafo. Some of the largest sporting and cultural events in Israel take place in the Company’s facilities, attended by hundreds of thousands of sports fans and supporters of the arts. The Company’s facilities are in compliance with international standards and with the standards of the world’s leading sports arenas.

אודות חברת היכלי הספורט תל אביב – יפו
 חרת היכלי הספורט תל-אביב יפו בע''מ
From the CEO
Nadav Grinshpan

Dear visitors,

For many years, the Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Company has been the leader in the field of sports and culture in Israel. The Menora Mivtachim Arena and the Bloomfield Stadium have hosted the largest sports, culture and entertainment events in Israel for many years, and in the year 2015, the Shlomo Group Arena has joined the family. Among others, these facilities host basketball, handball, football, and tennis games, enormous concerts by leading artists from Israel and abroad, professional conventions, various exhibits and more.

The Sport Palaces’ leading professional team works tirelessly and continuously in order to provide you – the organizers, visitors, viewers and various sports fans – with a perfect experience at Israel’s leading and most advanced facilities.

The Company aims to give each one of you who visits our various facilities the best possible viewing experience – whether you are an audience of sports fans who have come to watch the basketball games hosted in the Menora Mivtachim Arena, those who have come to view the football and handball games hosted in the Shlomo Group Arena, those who have come for the football games held in the Bloomfield Stadium, or whether you are an audience of culture goers who have come to see the different performances held in our facilities.

The Sport Palaces of Tel Aviv Yafo Company is the leader in the fields of organization, maintenance and operation of the city’s sports facilities, and continuously uses its many years of experience to promote sports in the city. In addition, the Company does not rest on its laurels, and has made it its goal to tirelessly work to improve your viewing experience while doing its utmost to maintain your safety and security in the facilities. Therefore we are currently working on the designs and renovations of the Bloomfield Stadium that will take place in the next few years, and which will be the next word in the field of football in Israel.

The sports facilities managed by the Company; the Menora Mivtachim Arena, the Shlomo Group Arena, and the Bloomfield Stadium, are visited by millions of sports and cultural fans a year, and I will continue to work to ensure your full enjoyment.


Nadav Grinshpan

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